Fashion Trend

The fashion trend is the style of wearing clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup, etc. It is usually related to one’s dress sense and personal qualities. Today’s, everything from the color of your hair to the designer brand of your shoes is a part of your fashion trend statement. There is a natural wish in all of us to look good, beautiful and our fashion sense primarily origins from there.

We have adopted a style in every stage of our life. Our lives have no taste without fashion. We can not eat the same dish every day. Similarly, we cannot spend our life on old fashion. Similarly, as a human being, we cannot live on one taste. We want to make our life interesting and colorful. We feel good due to the color of different beautiful things like fashion. Human nature attracts to new and amazing things because old things have lost their importance.

Boys and girls have more interest in fashion so we cannot ignore the importance of style. Girls usually wear Shalwar and Kameez, jeans and tights according to the fashion.

Some girls wear Saris, and some like to wear jeans and shirts. Girls change their hairstyle according to fashion. They wear shoes according to their heights. They choose the shoes according to their heights and dress color. Even girls way of gossip, and gestures according to the fashion.

Mostly boys like new and stylish clothes according to the fashion. Their way of walking, talking, actions and sometimes gestures are according to the film act. They like to wear loose and tight pants. Each wears shirts which have color and sleeves of one shape. Their way of hairstyle is like a filmy hero.

Fashion Trend around the World

Dishdasha & Kandura

It is also known as thwab. In the Middle East, typically it is worn in Dubai, UAE. The Kandura length is an ankle, loose fitting robe for men, usually white color wear in summer. In winter, it is available for a splash of color mostly in dark shades. In summer, the loose fitting thwab helps you keep calm in countries with hot desert. The status of the person represents by long robe with wealth and royal seen in long dresses. And short size represents modesty and worn by Arabs.


In London, UK Mary Quant is responsible for the risqué raising of hemlines in the 1950s. Mini skirts have existed for a long time; however, they were not called “mini” or became a fashion trend until the 1960s. In addition to shopping some of the favorite minis on the market, they have also given you some stylish inspiration so your legs can get star treatment all summer long, from day to night.

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Pollution Mask

In China air pollution levels are getting worse over the years, a new trend has appeared in the past few years in China. Pollution levels are different according to weather conditions, but citizens in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou frequently use protective pollution mask. Covers fitted with carbon filters are starting to appear in other cities around the world, particularly among cyclists.


In Cambodia, mostly worn by Khmer dancers or the royal family Mokot and Chada are head dresses used as crowns. In the Cambodian tradition, both are referred as Mokot, distinguished as Mokot ksat for males and ksatrey for females.  They feature a tall sharp shape, are made of gold or a substitute and are usually decorated with gemstones.

The United Arab Emirates

Hometown designers maintain the culture of the place. Dubai is a most stylish city, but Dubai need not copy the customs and traditions of other cities. People of other advanced countries like to wear the Arabian dresses. In Desert Safari Dubai Camps foreigners collect best of the life memories by dressing up in Arabian costumes. They are also enjoying henna painting in Overnight Desert Safari.


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Chamanto widely used in South America. A chamanto is a traditional decorative garment from central Chile, like a poncho and woven in silk thread and wool. Traditional clothing is very festive and suitable at the same time. It is usually complete up of natural materials. Women’s outfit is rather feminine, and men’s costume is very masculine. National clothing is bright and, overstated the embroidery and colorful ribbons. The origin of the traditional costume of Chile history is ancient, but Spanish and Portuguese national dress had a great inspiration on the formation of traditional Chilean costume. So, today traditional Chilean clothing is a great mix of old natural handmade fabrics and modern style and cut.